About Our Consultant

Youth Business University is elated that we have established a collaborative affliation with Founder Oliver Dorsey, II of Dorsey Non-Profit Solutions (DNPS) and Dorsey Consulting and Training, Inc.

As a result of our alliance, Youth Business University and DNPS will share resources as related to educational progams, strategic and succession planning, research and development, operations and management, system knowlege bases, marketing, and capital funding campaigns.

This business relationship between Youth Business University and DNPS will also allow both organizations to expand their capacity to provide consulting services  to more non-profit organizations in the area of organizational devcelopment.

Doresey Non-Profit Solutions servicesnon-profit start ups, established community and faith-based organizations as well as foundations of all sizes  Many of our clients request our assistance with fund-raising strategic planning, board development, and staff development.  Most of their clients have either limited in-house knowledge or resources to successfully manage and grow their organization and therefore turn to Dorsey Non-Profit Solutions to fill the gap.

They consult in the following areas:

  • Resource Development/Fund-raising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Staff Development
  • Non-Profit Formation
  • Performance Assessments
  • Succession Planning
  • Ethics and Diversity Training
  • Team Building Training

Listed below you find additional information regarding DNPS:

Location Serving: Greater Atlanta Region, Georgia, Nation-wide

Contact: Oliver Dorsey, II

Telephone Number: 678-889-2067

Team Size: N/A